Program content

Program content

The program consists of four group meetings. Before the program starts, you do personality tests and receive feedback on these from the psychologist who will then be coaching you.

Group meetings
Leadership involves structure, relationships and development to varying degrees depending on the role and the challenges being faced. During the group meetings, we will work with tools that can benefit you in different ways in these areas and help you answer the questions below.

1. Personal leadership
What sort of leader are you? Do you trust your employees?
When do you lose your professionalism and how does it affect your environment?
People and their roles in different contexts.

2. Psychological development within groups
What phase is your group in and what are its leadership requirements?
How to change?

3. Communication and conflict resolution
What characterises problem-solving communication?
How do you communicate and how can you contribute to a problem-solving communication climate?
How can you create a feedback culture?
How do you handle conflicts?

4. Sustainable leadership and conflict management
How sustainable are you as a leader?
How does the way our brain works affect leadership issues?