Interim Management

Interim Management

An interim mission is a relationship between three parties; we as supplier, our customer and the consultant who carry out the assignment. Together we work to achieve the best possible results.

For us, it is fundamental that everyone involved should respond to each other with professionalism and integrity. To also have the courage to bid on themselves, to be able to laugh when it is like the toughest and at the same time give 100% is not easy, but that is where we want to be. We place high demands on ourselves, but also on those we work with. We know that then the quality will be higher, the result better and the cooperation much more fun.

We don’t believe in “quick fixes”

Appointing an interim consultant should go fast, but it should never ever go beyond the quality. We take pride in the fact that we never undertake a mission if we are not allowed to visit our customer and we never let our customer meet a candidate before we have met them first. We do not hesitate on references and all our consultants undergo extensive background checks.

Although we could, we do not want to solve a mission in 24 or 48 hours because we know that the result and quality will be so much better in five to seven days.


We are, since 2016, members of the WIL Group (Worldwide Interim Leadership) - a global network of interim-companies with a close cooperation. Together we are currently active in 37 countries across the globe.

Business is becoming more globalised, with many companies going through large changes. Within WIL Group we can solve these complex challenges that businesses are faced with by providing them with interim consultants who exist on the local markets. They do not only have knowledge of the market but also of the national labour laws, business culture and businesses as a whole. Within the WIL Group, we have a database of nearly 40,000 proven interim consultants that are used to leading complex projects, delivering sustainable changes and creating lasting value for customers all over the world.

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Michaël Berglund

Become an interim consultant

Working as an interim consultant is often a conscious choice. You often have a solid career behind you, either as a specialist or in a higher managerial position, sometimes a combination of both.

As an interim consultant, you often enter a company where your knowledge and experience are crucial and where the time horizon is short. You are expected to assume a very great responsibility and initiative from day one. The role of interim consultant is stimulating, educational and at the same time places high demands on delivery ability and own drive.

Most of our assignments are rarely public, so we would be happy to register your CV and contact information so that you will not miss future opportunities for assignments.

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