Michaël Berglund Executive Search

Michaël Berglund Executive Search

Recruiting the right person for a particular position can be hugely beneficial to the overall success of an entire company. By the same token, a wrong decision can have devastating long-term consequences both for the organisation and its operations.

We help our customers achieve positive outcomes through our experience, sound methods, thoroughness and perseverance. Our ambition is to always exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our process

We always search until we find the absolute best. It is not difficult to find plenty of candidates who match the desired profile on the basis of their CVs. The challenge lies in finding people, and not just the known and obvious ones, who can contribute to a particular organisation’s development, growth and success in the best possible way.

Our search process is characterised not only by creativity, engagement and working in a systematic manner – but also by hard work and perseverance. In order to succeed, we have to be persistent and effective in our search of the whole market for the most appropriate people. By working in teams, we can spread our networks and create a platform where we are able to exchange ideas and find new perspectives on how to find the best possible candidate. The breadth and depth of the search allows us to identify a great number of candidates, which in turn allows us to be critical in our scrutiny of them. Careful evaluation of competence, ability and personality is imperative – our conviction is that thoroughness is important, even if the person is already well known to both our customer and us. Our approach is built upon a good understanding of business, extensive experience, behavioural competence, and sound methods.


The combination of having well developed local networks and a deep understanding of our market together with the reach of a global presence gives us another dimension.

Through three international collaborations with well-known, global players, we have the opportunity to offer international search assignments to our clients. We are also growing ourselves by constantly being inspired, challenged and developed through these collaborations.

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